All in One Estate Sales

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Are you considering holding an estate sale of your own? Below we have listed some steps to better prepare you!

Decide what you want to keep early
Separating what you will keep early will eliminate any issues from coming up later. This helps with making sure that the items you would like sold are included in the sale and the items you plan to keep are either removed from the home or secured. Removal of items after the contract has been signed and the advertising has begun, will affect the success of the sale and could disappoint customers.

Think what you have is junk
Any experienced estate liquidator will tell you "do not throw anything out until we have looked ourselves". What you may find as trash, is most often someone else's treasure! One procedure in organizing your estate sale will involve an inventory process, where our experienced personnel will determine and segregate salable items from those that should not be included in the sale due to damage, liability, or legal issues.

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed
If you have decided to do with All in One Estate Sales, then kick back and relax! We know that being trusted with such a responsibility can be overwhelming. We are honored to assist you with this process. With our experience skills and team, together we can have a successful sale. There are many steps that must first take place when preparing for an estate sale in a timely manner. When you enter into our contract, you are essentially creating a partnership with us that turns your home into a storefront and the contents of inventory to sell. This partnership must be built on mutual respect trust and an understanding of each party's responsibility.

Pricing and Appraising
We have worked in the estate sale business for many years and have seen different fads and trends in the current market. All prices and appraisals are based on what the current resale market is holding at the time of the sale.

When do you receive the proceeds
Once the sale is complete a post-sale inventory will be emailed over to you. Then next business day a check with the proceeds will be put in the mail after the conclusion of the sale. Donations As a part of our services you have the option of having us donate the remaining items on your behalf. Once the donation has been made we then send you the receipt from the donation center.